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Powerful and easy-to-use website designed exclusively for therapists

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  • Free visitors for Google search
  • Online store with your own products
  • Easy customization without any experience required
  • Many features to manage your business easily

Who can use HeroMe?

HeroMe is ideal WordPress website template for practising therapists. You will love it from the first click. Also it works perfectly for:

Website for therapist made simple

Your all-in-one solution for online therapy. No tech experience needed. Launch your website in minutes. Whenever you have a question, our friendly, knowledgeable customer  support team  is here to help.


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We make a new hosting account for you. Unpack and install your new website. Download all necessary content. And share the access with you.


All you need to do is just enter your new website, edit your photo, contacts and other content in just a couple of minutes

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You receive a website and hosting account.
It's entirely yours!

Your ultimate outcome

A ready-to-use website with preloaded content operational on both desktop and mobile platforms, enabling you to commence client interactions from day one.

  • Customize for yourself
  • Online Store Read more
  • Online Appointment Read more
  • Customer Review Read more
  • Personal Blog
  • Email Notifications
  • Social Media
Customize for yourself
Your site can be modified independently using an intuitive and user-friendly builder. No tech experience required.
Online Store
An online storefront capable of processing online payments.
Online Appointment
A CRM system for online appointment scheduling and easy customer management.
Customer Review
Customer review module. You can gather, store, edit and publish customers’ reviews right on your site.
Personal Blog
Publish news and articles on your site with no effort.
Email Notifications
An automated email distribution system. You and your customers will get instant notifications about new applications or any changes with them.
Social Media
Feedback forms and the potential for social media integration

Your personal CRM

Taking care of customers has never been easier and more convenient

Appointment Form

You can insert this form anywhere on your site and allow site visitors to book appointment online! No need to take calls and spend time processing messages.

Notification by E-mail

When a new application comes in, you will receive a notification about it. Just as the client will receive confirmation of their booking.

Appointment processing

All new applications come to this section and you have the opportunity to moderate them (cancel/confirm the application). The client will automatically receive a notification of confirmation or cancellation of the record.

Flexible & User-friendly calendar

You won't get lost in your schedule! We have made three different views of records, in terms of Day, Week, and Month.

Appointment moderation

You can edit all data, including the date, start and end time of the meeting with the client! We have ensured that you never have double entries for the same time, our system will not allow you to edit the time to an already booked time.

Client History

We know that you need to make notes about the past meeting with the client and have prepared the ability to do this right in our system. All data is stored only with you and is securely protected.

Work time scheduling

In the control panel, you can specify your work schedule, even if it is the most non-standard in the world!


Are you interested in receiving feedback? We have a moderation system in place to facilitate this.

Collect and post reviews

End form and the list of reviews. Site visitors can also leave video reviews.

Moderation system

Review moderation involves assessing and modifying reviews to align with policies, safeguarding users and the brand from unsuitable content.

Custom blocks

Gutenberg blocks allow you to display a form for collecting reviews and a list of published reviews anywhere on your site!

Customize your website like a pro

It's no longer necessary to hire a programmer to setup your website. You can do everything through an easy-to-use system.

Personal online store? Effortless.

Your own virtual store, set to function within a mere ten minutes.

Submit your information, add product cards and descriptions, and your emporium is ready for trade.

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Your website is flawless across all devices

Designed to be easily accessible on mobile devices, tablets, computers, TVs, and other devices

Incredible adaptability
with HeroBlocks

New customers from Google Search

Your new website is perfectly optimized for search engines in such a manner that they'll adore it from the first encounter.

High Speed
Clear Code
SEO Optimized
Search Engines

Your website
is highly secured

Since the first minute you launched your website, all personal data, payments, and other sensitive information are completely secure

Network Brute
Force Protection








Still not sure?

The choice seems clear when we are juxtaposed with other potential options.

Table represents the rates as of the date when theme was created.

or studio
Design & Customization

HeroMe: Limitless control over your website.

Website builder: Templated websites & limited functionality.


All high-end priducts use different types of website protection. HeroMe is compatible with all security plug-ins and add-ons.


WordPress technology is the most popular platform for articles and news writting in the world.

Mobile responsive design

HeroMe works perfectly accross all modern devices. Mobile phones, tablets, PCs, even TV!

Not always
Included SEO
Not always
Flexible customization
Not always
Online store
Not always
Full testimonials
Not always
Not always
Demo content included
Not always
Not always
Unlimited Pages
Client Management
Automated email notifications
Time to Launch Website
Premium support

Table represents the rates as of the date when theme was created.

New website offers the opportunity to:

Attract new clients and expand your business reach
Simplify working with existing clients and retain them
Positive trend

8 out of 10 psychologists who purchased our theme report an increase in patient application conversion rates of more than 52%

User experience testing using Google Analytics


In addition to a flexible, fast, and easy-to-use features, our theme comes with really effective support. Also you won't need to subscribe or pay additional fees to use it. A single payment entitles you to lifetime access.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

USD 249
/ 1 domain
For skilled
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  • Lifetime Updates
  • Technical support
  • One Time Fee
  • Online booking system
  • Review system
  • Integrated online store
  • Optimized for Google
  • 30+ Customization blocks
  • Without hosting
  • Installation and unpacking
  • Premium support
USD 599
/ 1 domain
Single Plus
We do everything for you
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  • Lifetime Updates
  • Technical support
  • One Time Fee
  • Online booking system
  • Review system
  • Integrated online store
  • Optimized for Google
  • 30+ Customization blocks
  • Free hosting for 1 month  
    We register hosting account on your email. So it will belong to you only. First 30 days are pre-paid for you.
  • Installation and unpacking
  • Premium support 👑