01. How can I upgrade my plan from single to Plus or unlimited?

Please send us your email or license key to contact@herocode.pro. We will send you the payment link to pay extra fee. 25$ for Plus; 75$ for Unlimited.

02. Can I use your theme for reselling?

No, at the moment. But soon we will make a referral program and special plan for our partners.

03. Can I choose hosting provider by myself or you will do it for me?

Single Plus plan is currently available only for beget.com.

04. What information do you need to help me with the Plus plan?

Provide us with your email to register new hosting account for you. Please make sure you have an access to it.
Also you need to to specify the DNS for the domain so that it can start working from your new hosting account. DNS are following:
– ns1.beget.com
– ns2.beget.com
– ns1.beget.pro
– ns2.beget.pro

05. Can you install and unpack theme on my hosting?

Yes. In this case we will also need login/password access or sftp + database access. This option is available only for Single Plus plan.

06. How can I customize colors and typography?

Here’s a full instruction.

07. How can I customize payment gateways in WooCommerce?

Tap the link. There are options are typically used. The option should be chosen based on the country of business operation and the target audience’s country.

08. How can I purchase the plug-ins in HeroMe theme?

We don’t sell them seperatly. When you buy our theme you can get all plug-ins included for free.

09. What are requierments for hosting provider to use you theme?

PHP Version: 7.4 or higher (it is recommended to use PHP 7.4 or higher for better performance and security) WordPress 5.9 or higher

10. What services and products do you provide with Single Plus plan?

We register and pay for your hosting account for one month. We install the theme on it, unpack it, install all necessary plugins and demo content. All that is required from you is to provide your email, to which we will link the admin account + hosting account. Also, you need to specify the DNS addresses for the new hosting at the domain registrar.

11. Should I buy something else so your theme is working properly?

All our products don’t require any extra purchases or expenses for proper work.

12. Does your theme supports my language? Does it have localization?

Yes. For example. If you need translation into French, we recommend installing the plugin. The built-in translation editor allows for the translation of the plugin into any language, including French.